Hello Bitten!

Alright! How are you? It’s ArcticWind here! Just thought I’d pay your blog a visit, since you made it for us and all. Loving the Ice theme going on here. Very chilling, ha! And play nice, no being a spoilsport about the partying. I hung up some paper chains to celebrate! You’re always such the pessimist about things. Lighten up! I guess it’s just part of your personality though c:

~ ArcticWind 


Here is the first post in Crushed Ice, I guess.

This will be a blog for my friends and I to chat and interact on.

We will all be using the main blog, so we’ll have to sign off with our usernames to show who made the update.

My name is BittenByFrost, but you can call me Bitten.

Have fun posting, or whatever.

– BittenByFrost